What Are The Distribution Rights for Digital Products

What Are The Distribution Rights in a Nutshell?

Selling resell rights products is a popular way to make money on the internet. Resell rights allows you to purchase a complete product and then turn around to sell it as your own. In order to be successful, you have to first know what your rights are. They may vary from one product to the next.

Most of the restrictions placed on resell rights products are to protect the integrity of the information within them. This benefits everyone because the product will maintain its quality and be valuable to both the buyer and the seller.

There are sometimes restrictions on pricing as well. Some product creators will ask that you not sell a product for anything less than a certain amount. This prevents the devaluation of the product and allows more people to benefit for a longer period of time. It’s frustrating to try to sell a product for a certain price when someone else undercuts you to the point where you lose all business. It’s not unheard of to find a product worth $47 being sold somewhere else for $1. This effectively takes what was once a quality resell rights product and makes it worthless.

Either people will buy the $1 version and know it’s really worth more, or they will see the $1 price tag and wonder what is wrong with it. It can’t possibly be any good if someone is willing to practically give it away.

The following is an outlined of some of the rights you will need to be familiar with:

Personal Use

Personal use products are not to be resold. They are for your personal use only.

Giveaway Rights

With giveaway rights, you are allowed to pass the product along to others completely free of charge. This might seem silly that anyone would allow you to give away a product, but it really has some benefits. It gives the creator viral exposure, getting their name out there in hopes of attracting people to their other products. It also gives marketers something that they can give away to their customers. This is a great way to build a list and promote customer loyalty.

Rebranding Rights

With Rebranding right you often have the right to rebrand with your own affiliate links, but the content must remain unaltered. Some products with rebranding rights will come with software that will help you to rebrand. You make money through your affiliate links within the product. The original maker gets exposure by having their own company information circulated through your own marketing efforts.

Basic Resell Rights

Basic Resell Rights allows you to sell the product to your customer, however they are not given the rights to sell it to their own customers. You cannot change the content of the product at all. You benefit by making 100% profit on the sale. The creator benefits by having his links that are within the product circulated to others through your marketing efforts.

Master Resell Rights

With Master Resell Rights, the seller has the ability to sell the product as well as the rights to the product. That means your customers can turn around and resell the product themselves. In most cases, with master resell rights, the content of the product must remain unaltered.

Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights are the most flexible rights available. If you can get private label rights to a product, it would be in your best interest to do so. With private label rights you can not only alter the content, you can also claim yourself as the author.

There may still be some restrictions placed on private label rights products, but these restrictions are meant to protect the value of the product. Some restrictions you may see are:

  • You may not sell the product on auction sites 
  • You may not give away the product for free 
  • You may not sell the product for any less than a certain amount.

Unrestricted Private Label Rights

With unrestricted private label rights, you can do whatever you want with the product. You can re-edit it, claim it as your own and even sell the product or its raw source code without any editing at all.

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