Download Instructions

Easy Downloading & Opening Files

Downloading should be easy and straightforward. You should be able to download them without any problem.

  • We host the Content Delivery of our products on Amazon S3 – which means, should be reliable.
  • Before we put them for sale, files are tested well to ensure you won’t have issues downloading, extracting and opening them.

Download Instructions

1. Most Products in this store are delivered in .Zip Files (A few in PDF format).

2. After you make a payment, you should be able to Download immediately the product files from your ‘My Account Dashboard‘. You will also receive a Purchase Receipt with a Download Link in your inbox (Email). 

3. Click on the Download Link, then click “Save As” and start saving them into your computer. (You need to remember to where to save them so you can locate easily later).

4. To open the files contained in this folder you will need to unzip or extract it first. To extract, right click or press and hold the folder, select “Extract All”, and then follow the instructions.

5. You may also have to use PDF Reader for the eBooks in PDF Format. If you still don’t have it in your computer, you may download it free from AdobeReader.

Download Quick Tips

  • Most files are sent in ZIP formats. There are a few in PDFs.
  • You will require Unzipping Application like Winzip, 7-Zip (Windows & MAC), iZip (MAC) or other similar Program or tool. to extract the Zip files and access the products.
  • New Windows and Mac PCs come with a default unzipping application, which you can use.
  • If you are Downloading a huge file, we recommend you NOT to download the files all at once. You must download them progressively.
  • Please make sure your download is 100% completed before you open and extract the file.

Having Trouble Downloading?

Just in case you’re having trouble downloading, we’ve created this tutorial for our buyers who need help on how to download the products from our website. 

Read This:

If you have any download problem, you need to follow the instruction provided.

  • Interrupted Download. The download could be interrupted anytime and could cause the connection ‘timed out’ or ‘download failure’ (Whether there’s an internet connection problem or not, it can still happen).
  • Incomplete Download. The downloaded file also might seems to be completed but the fact is, it’s not. This incomplete download is the main reason why the file get corrupted and cannot be opened.
  • Long Path. We’ve tested all the files several times and able to open them without any error. If you have a problem while extracting (unzip) the file, you can try to move (cut & paste) the file into drive or path C:\ and extract it there. Sometimes windows failed to extract a file with long file name because there’s a limit to the length or number of character for file path. By extracting it to drive C:\, it helps to make the path shorter and the problem will be solved.